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Air Jordan 5 Premium "Pure Platinum" is a pair of people first glance I want to have it all shoes, uppers platinum color and superior leather is feel the strong sense of luxury, and the sole shoes in processing is quite mature, and do not use the Air Jordan 5 consistent light blue transparent crystal bottom but, with harmony and the whole atmosphere of white, imagine if the sole is light blue crystal clear bottom, the more harmonious. Air Jordan 5 Premium "Pure Platinum" will be available in the summer, the price as high as $400, number 881432-003. 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They not only superior skills, and handsome looks, such star who can not love it? Perhaps you will because All air jordan 11 space jam for sale en a corner three pointer and then fell in love with him, because Kobe in double teamed under after the completion of the jumper and is fascinated, because the roar of the "wolf king" and falling in love with his passion, NBA Ko Toshio, you! 1. Kobe someone said that Kobe is not playing basketball to act, will be red and purple. Kobe's game I don't have to describe. His appearance is actually very handsome, in the league in black hold sway find a handsome guy is actually very not easy. Handsome and will play more is hard to find. Both Kobe, is a masterpiece of god. 2. Wade Who is Wade, sent the nickname "flash". Used to form a terrorist group with sharks. Is the league's top scoring machine. Wade's appearance is in fact in the black is very handsome, tall and not short 193CM, face contour has a quality. With its elegant temperament, has been named the United Sta jordan shoes online sale tes of America's 50 men. 3. Anthony Representatives of a generation of 03. In the League scoring machine, Anthony debut when with a charming smile, and a baby face captured the hearts of many fans. A handsome nature of every twinkle and smile. In order to show nice personality. Forever smiling. Like the boy next door in korean. 4. Nash who is Nash? I am afraid that basketball is a circle of people will know that he, the two MVP, 96 representatives of the generation of gold. Sent the nickname "the sun king". Nash not only outstanding skills, extraordinary instrument. Originally with a long hair showing people. With handsome features, and charming temperament. So many beauties to fell at his feet. He not only basketball and football Technology Alliance Technology is amazing, I am afraid that second to none. So get a lot of football fans love, can be described as a Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale multi habitat star. 5. Iverson AI is what people do not I say we all understand. The smallest number of league. The four time scoring champion. The original 76 absolute leader, who had the core of the nuggets. AI is an earth spirit. Give a person a kind of wild and intractable feeling. A tattoo fashion, a head pigtail is the object of imitation of other stars. Once daring to challenge Jordan. Provoked the people have accused. Once forced to go coach people think he is proud as Lucifer. Is this kind of personality attracted a lot of fans of the personal independence of conduct love. Strong personality is to make people admire. Tracy McGrady 6. rocket leader. The love of Chinese Rockets fans. Once the League scoring. In fact, the appearance of black players in the McGrady should be a leader. Tall. Comely. Wear both taste, and lead the fashion. Plus a good temper. cheap air jordans online Almost anything wrong. 〈〉In order to meet the upcoming Chinese Lunar New Year, NIKE WMNS recently published a pair of "Year of the Horse" color of the Air Max 1. In silver color rendering whole body of the shoe uses a combination of leather and suede uppers build, and lace buckle and the iconic Swoosh logo inject eye-catching places yet distinctive golden embellishment. Next year is the Year of the Horse, to mark the occasion, were used in the form of embroidery design sewn on by a "horse" word retro logo on the tongue and back heel, and outsole is lined with a unique selection of Chinese jade green backdrop. Immediately after the "Year of the Horse" color of the Air Max 1 will be on sale next month on the 9th. : adidas launched the "Vegas Nights" themed sneaker for the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas, Las Vegas, which now has two exposures, Rose, 773, III and Crazy 2, respectively. In Nicks's game, little Hardaway has been on the foot, Rose 773 III, white red base color with gold embellishment, such luxury should not just appear in the summer race ah. recently, we have frequently reported on Packer, Shoes, SNS, and Reebok's Token 38 series shoes, and today we are reporting Reebok Kamikaze II , "Alamo"". shoes this time with Nicks team as the design inspiration, with white as the main color, and then supplemented by a variety of bright colors, such as orange, blue, purple and so on. It has not released any more pictures or messages. [pictures from the Internet, FROM:SNEAKERNEWS] Nike Air Foamposite One sports players do not note the color models & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 2015-06-23 11:17:26 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [Source: HYPEBEAST] Print & nbsp; Close Chinese shoes Network June 23 hearing, with the NBA season ended, the players began to enter the annual rare offseason for this very occasion of the release of Nike Air Foamposite One, this "Gone Fishing" Do note color. On the upper blue foam material constituted by a signature style, designers use a special scale detail draw ChromaFlair inorganic pigments, supplemented by red lining and Swoosh little embellishment, but also at the heel tag embroidered with "fishbone" patterns echo the theme of the last carrying blue translucent sole presentation, the overall design is very eye-catching, but also bound to set off a new round of craze (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe Information Centre)! Related newscirculated on the Internet for a long time "Pink Spray" in the last month in Shanghai at the end of the exposure of the real, now finally ushered in the market news, although the specific release date has not been determined but is not far away. Air Foamposite One pink color matching with a powder / Black match, the price is $220. (Editor: Chang fan)Champion and Supreme once again to bring together a joint Jacket Puffy 2015 autumn and winter. This design selection of waterproof polyester fabric with filled cotton, while there is a large Champion paste embroidered, after a half circle Supreme brand logo. Other details include a zipper and a removable cap and a front pocket. This jacket has a total of red, blue, black, white four four four four four colors to provide, the upcoming November 12th landing Supreme online stores as well as New York, Losangeles and London stores, and will be available in November 14th in japan. source: Supreme